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Colin's 30 day challenge

Right! I've put this off for long enough...

With Diane in my ear and now Charlie has started giving me a hard time I've decided enough is enough its time for me to get my finger out and get in to shape.

So with my tail between my legs I've asked Diane to do me a 30 day plan (what am I thinking???)

So the plan is for me to record my progress (with out doing this I would give up half way through!!)

I'm planning on giving regular updates on my progress so if anyone wishes to join me in this healthier, cleaner living, feel free!

So here it is, my first check in...

This morning I stepped on the scales at a ridiculous 117.4kg (18.4 stone) and I intend on seeing what I can do during this next month. All I am intending on doing is cleaning up my eating habits and stepping up my activity level. With out going crazy all I want is to feel better in my self & hopefully trim up a bit.

Day 1.

Started the day off with a healthier breakfast of Greek yoghurt with sliced apple & cashew butter mixed in. Then I've continued with regular meals and health snacks through out the day. To be honest I've not changed my eating a great deal a part from eating more regular with out snacking on crisps etc & substituting my latte coffee with a green tea.

And as for evening meal. My 10 Year old son prepared and cooked a lovely chicken with mushrooms, spinach and baked potato with beans (for those who say they don't have time or are not able to prepare home made food, if a 10 year old can you can!)

I'm already feeling better (it may just be in my mind this early...) but I haven't felt hungry at all today.

I'll keep you posted, watch this space...

Charlie's Chicken Tea

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