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Personal Training


Invest wisely in your health and well-being and purchase a plan exclusively tailored to your personal goals and needs.


If you want to lose weight, increase fitness and stamina or improve sport performance, personal training can help you achieve your goals effectively.


You choose the venue. Sessions can be at your home or work place, in the gym or outdoors. Alternatively I provide a studio fully equipped to cater for individual requirements. 


Session times are flexible to suit busy lifestyles.

Groups sessions are also available allowing  social groups to train together.


 What do you receive?


During the first consultation you will receive an initial assessment which will be used to form your individual package.


This is a chance to discuss together your specific goals and needs which will help tailor your programme. 


Health, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition will all be considered to create your path to improved health and fitness.


The benefits you will receive include:


*Realistic weight loss

*Body fat % reduction

*Improved posture

*Increase stamina and endurance

*Increased strength and power

*Improved body tone and shape

*Increased energy levels

*Improved sleep patterns

*Reduce stress

*Increase confidence

*Reduce and alleviate specific health conditions



Personal Training Price Plan


1st Consultation - FREE


1 x Single Session - £35


6 x Sessions - £190


12 x Sessions - £365 

(Includes access to Online Classes)

2 Persons PT

1 x Session - £55

 6 x Sessions - £330

12 x Sessions - £650

(Includes access to Online Classes)


3 Persons PT


1 x Session  - £65


6 x Session - £380


12 x Session - £750

(Includes access to Online Classes)



KBox/KPulley PT

£45 per Session

(Prices may vary depending on number of sessions & group size)



* Prices may vary due to individual circumstance

e.g. location travelled...

** For Class prices, times and venues in the Northumberland area please contact Diane.

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