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After trying every diet around for too many years to remember I decided to bite the bullet and sign up with Diane at SS Fitness for some personal training. I had heard great things about Diane but kept putting it off because I though Personal Training was just for Fit people!!
I shouldn't have worried....Diane is fantastic. She tailor makes nutrition plans (if that's what you want) and plans exercises to suit every individual. She has totally changed the way I think about food and taught me not to be a slave to the scales. I have not only lost weight but feel fitter and in better shape than ever before. I have so much more energy and feel so much healthier.
Love the classes too, they are always really sociable, especially HIIT and pilates!
I would recommend SS Fitness to anyone!!

Louise, age 43 

I’d challenge anyone to say they had a sweeter tooth than me and I didn't really enjoy cooking. Weight gain was inevitable, and I couldn't motivate myself to do anything about it. Diane changed that and I started the clean-up detox plan; I'm so pleased I did! I won’t lie, I didn't enjoy the first 5-day detox, I really struggled but Diane kept encouraging me, telling me all the time that I would feel so much better. It worked, I did start to feel better and I also thought, if I can do that, I can do anything! After the 5-day detox I went onto a very easy to follow eating plan, with recipes, shopping lists and no end of support and guidance. Very quickly I started to feel the benefits of weight-loss, increased energy and a desire to exercise; I have even enjoyed cooking healthy, family meals. Feeling good about myself has given me such a boost; I feel healthy on the inside and look healthy on the outside. Change is hard, and for me this is a life-long change, not a quick fix or a diet fad. No more snacking on biscuits, I am a changed woman and 28 lb lighter too!     


Julie, age 44 (Interior designer)

Taking the clean-up detox has put me back in charge of my

own mind and body. Although I started out to support a friend, I had failed to appreciate just how much I neglected myself. Yes I took vitamins and had a relatively healthy approach to meals, but long periods without food, sweet snacks and no exercise, left me tired, irritable and very demotivated. Diane has given me the tools and encouragement to value my body and what I put into it; I was a very reluctant exerciser and how I hate to miss my favourite classes. Feeling good makes you want to work to feel even better, regular exercise has worked for me. Preparing meals is no longer a chore, having a great mix of meals and recipes, all supplied by Diane, means the whole family can enjoy healthy, nutritious food. Eating is no longer just about grabbing the quickest and easiest thing to hand; it’s about enjoying and appreciating ‘good’ food and not feeling like you are missing out. The detox was exactly what I needed to kick-start the new me!   

Sarah, age 41 

"Diane helped me tremendously and encouraged me to a fitness level I never thought I could achieve." 


Pam, age 64 (Retired) 

"After only a few weeks following Diane's exercise and eating plan I saw a huge difference in my shape and energy levels".  


Joanne, age 39 (Florist) 

“Due to my spinal problems I was referred to Diane by my Doctor. She helped me immensely and got me to a fitness level I never thought I could achieve. I can’t thank Diane enough for what she has done for me.”  


Pamela, age 65 (Retired) 

 As a family we work with Diane throughout the year attending classes and PT sessions.                   Diane's wide variation of work enables our two children to enjoy circuits and boot camp classes with us which they both enjoy. We have both built Diane's ethos into our daily lives and have even done the the detox programme with great results. Diane not only trains the body but trains/educates the mind which is equally important! Working hard gets results for sure but doing it with someone that is professional and cares so much about her clients makes it massively rewarding for all of us! SS Fitness is part of our lives and we love it!  


Richie and Ali, age 42 


"Diane brings a wealth of training knowledge and experience to her one to one classes which ensures they are varied and stimulating , while tailored to one’s fitness needs. They also geared to measuring performance gains which provides and excellent barometer of progress” 


Brian, age 64 (Businessman) 


Having hit my 40's, had two children, ran and swam regularly I just wasn't getting back to the fitness I once had. I have attended SSFitness classes for well over a year now. The circuits class is tough but you learn to love it! Pilates is a lovely class and has definitely given me my flexibility back. One to one with Diane has helped motivate me and to focus on my nutrition. She provides great easy to follow meal plans and I have also recently completed her 5 day detox which was so easy to follow, a shopping list is provided! Amazing results in 5 days with 6lbs fat loss and a huge difference around my waist, what more could a girl ask for!!       

Claire, age 40 (Mother of 2) 

“Training with Diane is tough, don’t get me wrong! But she gets results. Diane is great at pushing you that little bit further. Her training varies each time so you never know what is coming next and NEVER get bored! I lost weight and my fitness improved hugely which gave my confidence a huge boost at the same time. Thanks Diane”.  


Vicky, age 35 (Production Worker) 

I would like to thank Diane from SS Fitness for setting me on my way to getting fitter and losing weight. I have put off for many months the inevitable yet my start has been a lot more comfortable that I first expected due to the one to one tuition at a pace that suited me until I am able to do the more physical classes. I have even been set on the correct path to eating more healthily following my 5 day detox which again was catered for to suit my food tastes. I think the regular text updates to see how you are and food advice really helped keep me motivated and focused.


Marc, age 40 (Manager)

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