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2018 Fitness Awards

Thank you all who attended this years SSFitness Christmas night out. Hosted by Vercelli's it was another successful night.

The award winners from this year are:

The Machine - Winner: Fiona Clarkson Runner up: Mark Sanderson

Best Excuse - Winner: Richie Armstrong Runner up: Sam Cheeseman

Best Banter - Winner: Mark Sanderson Runner up: Ray Palmer

Best Achievement - Winner: Simon Martin Runner up: John Clarkson

Best Dressed - Winner: John Clarkson & Suzanne Best

Coaches Award - Diane's choice: Anya Bernhoeft Colin's choice: Alison Ridley

Thank you to Jordan, Sue and crew for great food and drinks again. To DJ Deg for getting everyone rocking the mic, and finally the wonderful SSFitness family for again turning out in fantastic numbers.

Some pictures from the evening...

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