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Mad March Mare

With less than 48 hours to go before the 2019 Mad March Mare I hope you're prepared and raring to go...

I am collecting all entry packs for all members of Team SSFitness on Friday, so I will have numbers and timing chips etc.

We have been allocated the 10:30 am wave time.

Colin will be available outside the Henderson Suite (race course side, next to the big white steps) from 09:30 to hand out entry packs.

Recommendation is to be there 45 mins before the start time to allow time to get ready, warm ups & safety talk prior to the start.

For those who are new to the event:

There are provisions to leave your bag, keys etc. However, there are NO SHOWERS so wet wipes/towels & a change of clothes are recommended.

Clothing - wear layers, dryfit/base layer types of clothes are recommended. Remember it is always cold & windy at Hexham race course so dress for the conditions. Avoid (heavy hoodies/tracksuits) as they will get wet & muddy and weigh you down. Trainers are fine for footwear (some people tape their shoes up so they're not lost in the mud).

Whatever you decide to wear make sure its old as you will get very wet & very muddy...

There is a bar and food afterwards to catch up and discuss your heroic effects...

I'll be looking out for you all at the start line/warm up...

Enjoy & Good Luck...

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