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Colin's update

Just a quick update on my progress in my attempt to be healthier.

After 7 days I've lost a total of 5lbs.

All I have done this week is to eat more regular, ensuring I have breakfast (which I don't normally do). Swap my usual Latte coffee for a green Matcha Tea, I am actually eating more than I would normally, in fact at times I've felt stuffed eating more than I would normally eat.

All my evening meals have been prepared and cooked by Charlie my 10 year old son, none of which have taken longer than 20 mins to prepare and cook tops (dispelling the excuse of "I don't have time" or "I can't cook").

My meals have been very tasty, those who know me, know I like my grub.

My fat loss thus far is with out exercising, this is starting next week (the regime is prepared).

As team captain for Team SSFitness in this years Mad March Mare I may have left it late but I plan to be a stone lighter on the start line. #WatchThisSpace...

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